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We help companies ship stunning web projects. It took less than one day to build this site. Imagine what's possible for you.

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Market Something

We help companies make marketing a science. Data collection, testing, and experimentation to get measured results.

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Design Something

We help companies tackle design; presentation design and brand identity development.

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Learn Something

Learning with a focus on sharing practical tips, resources, and case studies to make your startup journey a little easier and enjoyable.

Learn In-Demand Startup Skills

Spend an afternoon learning the software skills to take your company to the next level

Explore Classes

Classes held at an accessible location just a few minutes from Gangnam Station exit 5

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Companies are severely under-leveraging current techonologies. We seek out elegant solutions that transform forward-thinking companies. Current’s approach creates the best product possible so you can focus on what's important.

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Current is the new way startups and enterprises make great custom products quickly, easily, and risk-free.

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